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Written By Mishka Patel

Winter weekend getaway


Finally! It’s been quite a while since I had a ‘treat yourself’ moment with Donovan. I finally had the opportunity (and gap in my schedule) to slip away for one night. I was looking for something peaceful, relaxed, calm, perhaps with no signal (but my stress levels wouldn’t be able to handle that), but there was however no Wi-Fi (and exactly what my soul needed!) and just a proper getaway.

You know, the kind where the views take your breath away, you have time for YOURSELF, time to breathe and dig deep into your soul. My first winter getaway! Even if it’s only for one night. Not only did we find the right spot, we also found the right vehicle to take us safely to our destination.

Vleidam Guest Farm

On our way to our destination situated at the beautiful Koringberg in the Western Cape, a tranquil, self-catering little cottage was waiting for us. We made a point of it to get up early and enjoy a bit of a road trip. Okay, so I had work (radio) from 06H00 - 7H15, and I needed to put in a quick 25 minute sunrise run, but after that it was simply making sure my kittens are okay, everything is packed, locked and off we go!

When we arrived at the guest farm, this is what we drove into:




We were surrounded by complete greenery, fresh air and farm animals. Inside, it was a little slice of farm heaven. Being from Stellenbosch, and Donovan growing up in Villiersdorp, this is exactly what we were hoping to find. We missed the low-key, relaxed life. After unpacking and checking out our home for the night, we took to the road again.

We had some activities planned before the time, like a 4x4 drive up Koringberg mountain with owners Nikki and John Loxton, a hike and a Desert Rose Farmstall brunch. Sonia van Niekerk, the owner of the farmstall unfortunately couldn’t be there herself, but her staff were pleasant, friendly and energetic people, and made us feel very welcome. There are various other restaurants in and around Moorreesburg for dinner/drinks. But this was what we decided on for our little brunch to start off our getaway. And was the menu, venue and food excellent!



We planned to tackle one of the hiking trails when we arrived back to our home for the night, you know, to work away the yummy brunch!  After the hike, we took the opportunity to do a 4x4 drive up the most beautiful mountains with breath-taking views! We learned a lot too, about the recent mountain fire, farm animals and properties in and around the little town, who knows, perhaps Donovan and myself would be home-owners that side of the world soon, haha!

So, after an eventful day, the evening we decided to use the braai facilities, relax at the fireplace and just spend some quality time together. With no Wi-Fi, no TV… Just the two of us. The perfect ending, to the perfect day.


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Bookings: 074 217 0027


Suzuki IGNIS

Our journey to our destination was smooth sailing with the Suzuki. Donovan tested the baby first, and this was his way of explaining it: ‘From start to finish, the car is very balanced, yet very powerful.  Even though the vehicle is quite inexpensive, it surely is packed with features to further compliment the drive. 

From a very modern colour-coded interior, to Bluetooth radio with a connectivity package. Suzuki surely does ‘outclass’ a lot of its competitors. Our model we got to drive, also came standard with climate control, electric windows, and a keyless start. Just a push of a button, and off you go. Just press the button on the door (with the car keys at hand or close by), and the door is unlocked. Very impressed.’

That being said, obviously our trip would not have been the same without our little friend. We had to drive a dirt road (even though it was short), Donovan and myself were both happy our cars were spared for this journey. A cute, snazzy and funky little monster took us safely to our destination, and back.

These are personally the TOP 10 features that stood out to me (And no, I am not a professional in the car industry, so all views and opinions are my own): 

1. Bluetooth: A very important function for me, as I need to answer calls at all times, and safety comes first.

2. Boot space: I was happy to see both my Lipault bags fit perfectly in the boot. I normally travel quite heavily, so I was happy to see all my luggage fit perfectly. 

3. Cup holders: Fit my coffee and my protein shaker easily! I always have a Juiced Co juice or protein shake at hand, so yet again, an important feauture. 

4. USB port as well as a charger for your phone, with a climate control system and backspace big enough to seat three people comfortably. The driver seat also has a height adjustable seat.

5. The exterior of the car is actually quite sporty. Chic. Almost made it feel like I am driving a mini SUV. Stunning little hatchback and the black rims just topped it all off!

6. Safety: Airbags! Isn’t this an important feature for us all though?

7. Interior is so chic with a colour coordinated trim, and the coolest buttons, which reminded me of the interior of an airplane cockpit. Also, another cool feature is the fact that the car has a timer on the dashboard display, and it times how long you’ve been driving. Quite cool! By the way, those of you who know how tall I am, know I need a whole lot of leg space, and I was very comfortable in the passenger seat on our way there!

8. Fuel consumption was the one thing I was so pleasantly surprised about! Actually, the MOST surprised about. It’s so so incredibly light on fuel. I drive far, every single day, so this would for sure be beneficial to me!

9. The fact that the car doesn’t need a key to physically unlock the doors or start the car! Just because I always seem to have 10 000 things in my hands!

10. It’s such a sexy and small little car, so for me, super easy to park! Did I mention the fact that it has parking sensors? 


Conclusion? Definitely a car I’ll buy for myself.



To do your own research: or call Suzuki Kenilworth 021 673 1000

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