Written By Mishka Patel 

Birthday weekend at Bijoux 

What an absolutely magical weekend! It’s our 6th Birthday celebration together, and every year it only gets better and better. Last year we went zip-lining in Grabouw, and this year we decided for Donovan’s birthday (which is 4 days before mine), we will go for a weekend getaway at the Bijoux Aparthotel in Adderly street. So just by the way, we live in Somerset West, so Adderly street is a getaway for us, haha.

A stunning home to a variety of restaurants, bars and little boutiques, this modern, self-catering  studio apartment and duplex Suite we stayed in, is the perfect spot for a mini breakaway. It’s a 10 minute drive from Campsbay and the Waterfront for a yummy lunch, sundowner or dinner, and if you’re in the mood to simply relax and spend TLC together(which is exactly what we decided to do), it has a rooftop pool and fitness centre to keep you busy. Oh and hello, UberEats was dinner. We were all about the in-door, Netflix and chill this time around.

Well, with a stunning city view, semi kitchen, HD satellite TV, daily housekeeping, high speed Wi-Fi and the cutest Espresso machine, it has everything you need to have a relaxing night in as well. If not, well, Long street is around the corner for some exciting night life partying.

This is our apartment we stayed in: ...CLICK HERE...

Stunning right? What a gem! It was exactly what we needed and wanted as a mini getaway

I am excited to visit again, especially when life gets too hectic, it is great to get away, clear your mind, have fun and get a change of scenery. It was such a great birthday weekend, and now for my 25th Birthday celebrations ;) I cannot help but wonder what Donovan has planned.

Here is a little video of our time at Bijoux Aparthotel. Please connect with me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and let me know if you’ve ever stayed at Bijoux, and if you enjoyed it as much as we did!

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