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For the Love of Travel

I think March is the month when a lot of people, especially couples and families, tend to take their holiday. I’m assuming it’s because of the seasons changing, winter is coming and they want to enjoy the last warm days of the summer season. And the first term of the year is over! Some of them go holiday locally, and some travel overseas. Personally, I haven’t had a holiday in quite some time, but when I do get the opportunity, it would normally be over the December ‘festive season’.

Let’s get down to it: What’s your definition of travel? After some browsing, I found my favourite on-line quote by Saint Augustine: ‘The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.'  To me, what being able to travel means is the following: The ability and opportunity to become visually rich. Think about that one for a second.

All of us should know, being able to travel is a motivation. A motivation to work harder, a motivation to do well at work in order to get that promotion, a motivation to live a life well-lived. It’s an absolute luxury, in today’s economy, definitely not a necessity. Throughout my career, I’ve had some pretty great experiences. I am not writing this blog post because I want to share my best trip ever, that you can read here, when I went to Mauritius for Social Star with Jo-Ann Strauss: CLICK HERE

I have grown so much, mentally, spiritually and emotionally as an individual, after each and every trip I’ve taken, whether it be locally, or internationally. The stories I am able to share, the pages I get to write in my book of life, nobody can take that away from me. So earlier I said being able to travel is not a necessity, but maybe it is. Maybe you need to experience something completely new, in order for you to either appreciate what you have, or completely find yourself and find your passion, goals or whatever it is you’re looking for. I assure you, even if you travel to another town or ‘klein dorpie’ in your region, getting away from your norm can work magic and a trip away, can be exactly what you need. I know I have gained a sense of excitement to experience life in places different from what I know. They say money is everything, but I long to become rich in experience.

Anyway, so, with travel, comes all the nitty gritty things like the research, finding the best deals and prices for flights & accommodation and the PLANNING!

While we are on the topic, when I travel locally or internationally- here are my tips and tricks. Well, nope, they’re not tricks, but I find the pointers below quite useful - This is what I have learned during my travels:

1.       Guys, if you’re flying, make your life easier and check-in online a day before your trip. You can sleep later the next morning and you’ll miss a que. Use your data. It doesn’t take much.

2.       Pack smart, have a look at this YouTube video, this person changed my life:


3.       Learn to mix and match. If you go for 2 days, PACK for 2 days. Not for 20.There’s something like mixing and matching – This one I had to learn the hard way. I was one of those people who packed at least 11 outfits for a 2day trip. Haha.

4.       While travelling, leave your phone. Break away. Be there to become ‘visually rich’. Learn and train yourself to be present and live in the moment.

5.       Don’t take a nap on a strangers shoulder during a flight. Get a flight pillow. See link: CLICK HERE - They are heavenly and I never get in a flight without mine AND it’s affordable.

6.       When you drive: Keep an eye on the petrol situation. You do not want to get stuck without fuel in the middle of nowhere. Trust me, another situation I have experienced first-hand.

7.       If you’re in a car with more than one person, and you can’t sing, leave the Carpool Karaoke for James Corden

8.       Learn to read people on a flight. Please don’t be the guy who randomly starts having conversations with a stranger who’s clearly not in the mood to chat, or who’s clearly busy with business on his laptop or focussing on an intense chapter in the book he’s clearly trying  to read. It’s painful to watch. Don’t be THAT guy.

9.       Research where you’re going. Explore, try new things, book cool activities in advance, but know the costs, where the place is and how you’ll get there.

10.   Book your flights and accommodation early. Plan. Research once again! And honestly, try Travelstart's flight specials page & let me know how I changed your life - TravelStart


What can you add to my list?


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