Written By Mishka Patel

Blissful Living

Choosing the right words to describe a perfect weekend is hard, but here’s mine in a nutshell: It was relaxing, luxurious, calm, peaceful yet fun and adventurous with unbelievably beautiful views. With a schedule that keeps me insanely busy every single day, my mind, body and soul longed for some peace and quiet.


With their focus being on a ‘serene escape from the hustle of everyday life’, I knew the Bliss Boutique Hotel is exactly what I needed.

8 beautiful rooms, each with its own sense of personality. Every room has Wi-Fi, DSTV, a minibar, a gorgeous en suite bathroom and a view to behold.


Surrounded by natural fynbos, the beautiful Table Mountain and sea views to die for, friendly staff greeted us with warm smiles as we arrived Friday afternoon, and immediately made us feel at home.

Even though I had no intention to go into town for ANYTHING, it was reassuring knowing it’s just 20 minutes from central Cape Town, you know, just in CASE of emergencies. 

So, I have mentioned the views, the beach, the excellent rooms… but the FOOD! With a delicious fusion style menu, offering breakfast or brunch, tapas lunch and dinner. The restaurant was a whole new experience on its own. AND it’s open to the public too. During our stay, we bumped into a group who came for sundowners on Friday and even a birthday party celebration at the bar and rooftop on Saturday evening.


It was the PERFECT getaway. And I can’t wait to be back to feel ‘blissful’ again. 




Private pathway to the beach

Private chef

Swimming pool& tanning areas

Amazing restaurant, Beach + Bites, with Sundowner specials every Friday from 6pm-8pm


Make a Booking if you are in need of some ‘Blissful’ moments:

Call: 021 551 0441

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Instagram: bliss.hotel

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Twitter: @Bliss_Hotel

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