Written By Mishka Patel

Ever wondered what it really meant when someone said: ‘I feel like I’m on cloud 9?’

Well, let me clear that up for you!

Cloud9 Boutique Hotel Review

‘The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.’ - Saint Augustine

For one night, I knew exactly what it felt like to be on ‘cloud 9’! I had the pleasure of staying at the stunning Cloud 9 Boutique Hotel along with my fiancé (still never gets old), and boy oh boy, were we blown away! 

Written By Mishka Patel

Cape Milner: One Night Staycation

The first Friday of the brand new year, 2018. We decided: why not have a one night staycation, especially because we wanted to climb Lion’s Head, because as of 1 January our health and fitness goals took a 360 – 2017 took away my zest for life guys, but the Lord himself knows I woke up with a fire in my belly one 1 January. BOTH of us actually did. A fresh start it sure was!

Written By Mishka Patel

For the Love of Travel

I think March is the month when a lot of people, especially couples and families, tend to take their holiday. I’m assuming it’s because of the seasons changing, winter is coming and they want to enjoy the last warm days of the summer season. And the first term of the year is over! Some of them go holiday locally, and some travel overseas. Personally, I haven’t had a holiday in quite some time, but when I do get the opportunity, it would normally be over the December ‘festive season’.

Written By Mishka Patel

An honest post – (Review)

It’s been a tough couple of weeks lately. Challenging I’d say? I’m just giving you all a quick update as to what’s been happening behind the social media posts. Because at the end of the day, on the ‘gram’ we only share what’s good, right? So, let me be REAL with all of you:

Written By Mishka Patel

A celebration of love, at Pelagus House – Five years later.


So, when Donovan and I met, we were kids. I was 19 and he was 21. We basically built everything we have today, together. I mean jeez, at 19 I wasn’t even sure of my correct bra size, never mind knowing what I want to be when I grow up.

Written By Mishka Patel

BIG Sky Cottages
With a S E X Y little sports car

Right. So, August started off with a bang! We’ve not even been in halfway, but I needed a mini break, and because it’s women’s month, I decided I wanted to treat myself! You know, the every day hustle, admin, events, work (and play) can sometime result in needing a mini, one-day breather with my best friend, soulmate and brotha’ from anotha’ motha’… Yes, my little homeboy Donovan and I decided to run away for a day!

Written By Mishka Patel

A mid-week holiday, O On Kloof

Overlooking Cape Town’s Atlantic seaboard, a chic and modern sanctuary was my home for a mid-week vacation.

Written By Mishka Patel

Winter weekend getaway


Finally! It’s been quite a while since I had a ‘treat yourself’ moment with Donovan. I finally had the opportunity (and gap in my schedule) to slip away for one night. I was looking for something peaceful, relaxed, calm, perhaps with no signal (but my stress levels wouldn’t be able to handle that), but there was however no Wi-Fi (and exactly what my soul needed!) and just a proper getaway.

Written By Mishka Patel

Blissful Living

Choosing the right words to describe a perfect weekend is hard, but here’s mine in a nutshell: It was relaxing, luxurious, calm, peaceful yet fun and adventurous with unbelievably beautiful views. With a schedule that keeps me insanely busy every single day, my mind, body and soul longed for some peace and quiet.

Written By Mishka Patel 

Birthday weekend at Bijoux 

What an absolutely magical weekend! It’s our 6th Birthday celebration together, and every year it only gets better and better. Last year we went zip-lining in Grabouw, and this year we decided for Donovan’s birthday (which is 4 days before mine), we will go for a weekend getaway at the Bijoux Aparthotel in Adderly street. So just by the way, we live in Somerset West, so Adderly street is a getaway for us, haha.

Written By Mishka Patel

Luxury Lifestyle Living – The Mojo

Design. Décor. Affordable and comfortable.


I never knew the staircase to heaven was real, but I found it.

So it’s ‘the season to be Jolly’ and I started mine with a slice of paradise. Views that will take your breath away I tell you. With three floors in the Executive Penthouse Suite, each with its own sea view of the stunning Sea Point Promenade.

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