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Written By Mishka Patel 

The invisible crown you never take off

With a constantly on-the-go lifestyle, from gym to a shoot, from a shoot to meetings, and from meetings to adulting and doing the grocery shopping for the week, not only is looking good at all times quite necessary in this industry, but it surely takes a toll on my hairstyle and makeup for the day.

I don’t know about you, but I go to gym to sweat, and when I run up and down from one commitment to the next, I need more than hairspray and MUD compact powder to keep myself intact for a 19 hour day.

Thank goodness for my brand new ghd V ruby sunset styler (R 2,499.00) – It was my birthday recently and I decided I need to treat myself. This is the best investment I made in a long time! Just a side note, I bought myself a ghd about 4 years ago, and it is still in perfect working condition. The ghd V ruby sunset styler is plan B, for when my plan A gives its last breath.

From hair straighteners, hairdryers, to curlers and hair brushes, ghd is the one brand that literally has it all when it comes to your hair needs. 

Looks I have created with a ghd:

I have been such a "fan girl" when it comes to ghd since I can remember. It’s always been my number one choice when it comes to a hair styling product, and rather than me telling you why I have fallen in love with the brand, I will show you:

Hence the title of this write-up, your hair is the crown you never take off, and also the reason why I invest in my hair. When it comes to the salons I visit, the products I use and especially the styling tools I use, I only give my locks the best.

Have a read about the salon I choose, products I use and why:

Silky Hair because I care

Lastly, I saw the question ‘where will your hair take you?’ – Well, I take it everywhere, and that includes my ghd.


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