Written By Mishka Patel

High Tea or Home Brewed Tea?

Flowy floral dresses, high heels and oversized hats is what I am thinking when I hear the words ‘high tea’. With a demanding schedule and no time for any form of ‘down time’, never mind attending and enjoying a high tea, so I decided: Why not have the perfect, fruity tea in the comfort of my own home? And better yet, in a comfy tee and a pair of jeans? Okay, for those who enjoy dressing up, have your own little high tea at your home, and you wear your oversized hat girl.


We all get those off days (in my case, Sundays), and I enjoy relaxing at home, with no makeup, reading a good book or doing some writing, with a good cup of tea.


I have always been a tea lover, especially green tea due to all the benefits. After being a green tea lover for more than 3 years, I decided I needed to explore outside my little ‘green-tea’ box and see what else tickles my fancy. Oh well HELLO Carmien Tea


A local, proudly South African product, directly from the farm! You literally taste the freshness of mountain air and sunshine.
Ranging from Natural Rooibos, Green Rooibos, Herbal Infusions, Loose leaf teas, wellness teas to Rooibos espresso and cappuccino - It’s good for kiddies, and it’s good for mamma as well. Yes, they have a kids and moms range too! An endless range of pure yummy’ness in a whole bunch of flavours in each range!

So to make your day a little brighter, here is one of my favourite Summer Drinks:
Their basic Ice Tea Recipe (my personal favourite) &perfect for summer:
5 or more bags of Carmien Natural Rooibos
1 Litre of boiling water
2-3 tbsp of your favourite Berry Concentrate
Extra berries
Mint leaves
Quality. Freshness. Taste. A unique product I can’t get enough of.
High Tea? Nope, I have Carmien Tea, in the comfort of my own home.

Website: www.carmientea.co.za
Shop your tea online: www.carmientea.co.za/shop/
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Instagram: carmientea
Facebook: Carmien Tea
Twitter: @CarmienTea

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