Written By Mishka Patel

Barefoot-Feeling Shoes

Recently I was introduced to a brand, so comfortable yet so chic. Where do you get comfortable, flat shoes these days, that’s still beautiful? For me, it’s about getting a shoe easy to dress up or down and most importantly, easy to mix and match. It needs to be versatile.

About a week ago I met an absolutely stunningly beautiful woman, called Lisa. I did a summer range shoot for her and while working, fell in love with her range of summer shoes! Everyone who knows me knows I rarely wear flat sandals, but I think this Summer that’s going to change. 


The Lisa King Collection is a range of extremely high quality leather shoes, sandals, boots and bags with the four C’s explaining their brand:  Comfortable, Classy, Classic and Creatively beautiful. I mean, if you look at these, it explains the four C’s clearly:


Summer is here and what better than to be wearing some beautiful new sandals from THE LISA KING COLLECTION.

If comfort is really key, then step into instant style and comfort and walk through Summer feeling barefoot, literally.

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Website: www.thelisakingcollection.com

Instagram: thelisakingcollection

Facebook: The Lisa King Collection


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