Written By Mishka Patel

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My T Iced

So Spring has sprung and Summer is around the corner. It’s time to put the fur coats in the closet, and get out short shorts, cooler bags, sunscreen and sunglasses. While you’re at it, why not fill your cooler with a couple of artisanal, hot brewed premium Iced Teas?

Usually my cooler would be filled with all kinds of gassy cool drinks (when I say ‘usually’, I mean back in the day when being healthy was not part of my lifestyle), and it leaves me feeling and looking bloated – which is never a good look or a good feeling. I found a new alternative - HELLO My T Iced!

 In Summer I look forward an early sunrise and a late sunset, beach bums and tan lines, sun kissed cheeks and messy hair, picnics on the beach and relaxing outdoor dinners. I look forward to having a sun downer after a long day and having a braai on my balcony. 

I have always been one to support local brands. This time I found the one thing I love, a locally brewed Ice tea, right here in the mother city! Everyone who knows me, knows that I try and fill my body with only the things it NEEDS. I live a healthy, balanced lifestyle and I am very skeptical before trying anything new. I have always been a huge fan of iced tea, and now I found one full of taste, nutrients and anti-oxidants contained in a cup of home brewed tea!

My T Iced supports our local farming industry by harvesting close to home. They meticulously source their ingredients (which plays a huge role in making small batches taste the way it does) and they grow, pick, brew and bottle in the Western Cape. They don’t add artificial flavours, colorants or ingredients, no preservatives, very low sugar levels (their iced teas contain the lowest sugar levels in the South African iced tea market) and they protect the environment by using recyclable packaging. 

So far they have three yummy flavours to tickle your fancy: Apple Cinnamon, Lemongrass & Bitter orange. My favourite, definitely the Apple Cinnamon. Well, then again it’s hard to choose, because they are all unique and yummy, but I have always loved Cinnamon!


Ingredients vary, but mostly used are:

Filtered water

Tea Brew (Organic RooiBos, Organic Honeybush, Lemongrass 10%, Lemon peel)

Apple juice

Cane Sugar

Citric Acid

Ascorbic acid

They JUST launched so they are available in JHB, Pretoria and Cape Town in a few selected Spars, coffee shops, restaurants and deli’s – Costs? Between R22,00 and R25,00 a bottle. Worth every scent!

Try something new this summer, try My T Iced 

For more information, visit: www.myticed.co.za


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