Written By Mishka Patel

Photo Credit: Adele De Bruyn Photography 

See the world differently. James Bensen Review.

An outfit always seems completed with either a bag or a great pair of sunglasses. Or is it just me?

This time, instead of the bag, I took the shades. A good pair (or rather the RIGHT pair) can take a look from dab to fab in just a second.

It’s not just for when the sun is shining, it can brighten up any dull day ;) Look at the images below and tell me which piece that I am wearing practically MADE the outfit? Exactly my point.

I found my new favourite two pairs at James Bensen for winter, summer & DEFINITELY this Spring! A little something different for a change. I have always been one to stay on the safe side when it comes to my fashion and style, and I have only recently decided to take a step on the wild side. When I say wild, look at my new blue\green aviators baby!

Now for someone to go from your average black pair of sunnies to these… Wild side, right? At first I was not sure if the shape would suit my face. But boy oh boy did I fall in love once I tried them on. I chose two pairs with the same shape, but different frames and lenses. One has a gold frame with gold lenses and the other (limited edition) pair has blue\green lenses with a black frame. I had so much fun making any outfit pop with these babies on!


I think this is a sunglass shape and style that suits most face shapes. Men and women. & I am just lucky I found the perfect TWO pairs for this spring online, at James Bensen.

To get technical- The two pairs I got sore both called ‘Harper’- sexy, sleek and stylish aviators? Always a winner. Both pairs are made from high quality stainless steel frames, with reinforced hinges for enhanced durability. I am very impressed with the quality of the brand. It fell twice (by accident) & the frames and glasses both survived, without a scratch.

Looking to shop my look? Or maybe looking for new spring sunnies or funky frame-prescription glasses? For prices you love, a quick and simpler online shopping experience – visit www.jamesbensen.com


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