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Written By Mishka Patel

Juicing - Kids Box

Everyone knows how much I enjoy my juicing. From cleansing to simply replacing a meal with a juice or smoothie, juicing is 100% part of who I am and my lifestyle by now. I believe in living a healthy, yet balanced lifestyle, and Juice Revolution made it so much easier for me to remain healthy and energised at all times!

I never skip a meal anymore and I never have a lack of energy, because if I am not having a juice as a meal replacement while running around with my hectic schedule, I’ll be drinking a 340ml juice as a snack between meals! Yes, I am thrilled to have tried the Juice Revolution Kids box for the last 2 months!

I am not only a huge fan of the lifestyle box (and the athlete range is just as incredible, I have tried both boxes and ranges for over a year!), now they have a Kids Box that’s NOT only for kids! Adults can have them as a snack too! 16 x 340 ml blast frozen juices and smoothies.


‘Juicing fruit and vegetables has become an important step for those in pursuit of a healthier, nutritious and balanced lifestyle. Getting your 5-a-day in the form of a delicious and fresh cold-pressed juice, not only tastes good, but allows for better absorption of nutrients and minerals, as opposed to eating the whole fruits and veggies.’ 

Remember, with Juice Revolution there is no fuss, no mess and no time involved. Order your preferred box, or cleanse and simply enjoy! With each cleanse, you will know exactly which juice to drink at what time. It’s as easy as packing your juices in a cooler box, and drinking your juices at the scheduled times- Have a look at my previous blog post about cleansing:


If ever you thought of getting your health back on track or maybe detoxing your mind, body and soul- Have a look at

It surely changed my life.


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