Written By Mishka Patel

From day, to night: #InfiniteStyle

What does the word ‘Infinite’ mean?

According to google: limitless or endless in space, extent, or size; impossible to measure or calculate. "the infinite mercy of God"

synonyms: boundless, unbounded, unlimited, limitless, without limit, without end, never-ending, interminable, cosmic

Written By Mishka Patel

Trendy. Multi-purpose and Universal expanding button.


The coolest little tech-savvy and funky accessory that’s become so part of my life, without me even realising. A phone grip and phone stand accessory for your mobile device.

Written By Mishka Patel

Barefoot-Feeling Shoes

Recently I was introduced to a brand, so comfortable yet so chic. Where do you get comfortable, flat shoes these days, that’s still beautiful? For me, it’s about getting a shoe easy to dress up or down and most importantly, easy to mix and match. It needs to be versatile.

Written By Mishka Patel 

The invisible crown you never take off

With a constantly on-the-go lifestyle, from gym to a shoot, from a shoot to meetings, and from meetings to adulting and doing the grocery shopping for the week, not only is looking good at all times quite necessary in this industry, but it surely takes a toll on my hairstyle and makeup for the day.

Written By Mishka Patel

Photo Credit: Adele De Bruyn Photography 

My T Iced

So Spring has sprung and Summer is around the corner. It’s time to put the fur coats in the closet, and get out short shorts, cooler bags, sunscreen and sunglasses. While you’re at it, why not fill your cooler with a couple of artisanal, hot brewed premium Iced Teas?

Written By Mishka Patel



So, everyone knows I have an obvious love for health and fitness. I train almost every day, well, at least 5-6 days a week. I believe our health is our greatest wealth and I try and only give my body what’s good, and what it needs. After cancer came knocking on our door, and God decided to take my mom back home in 2015, I decided I need to stick around long enough to see my baby sister grow up.

Written By Mishka Patel

Photo Credit: Adele De Bruyn Photography 

See the world differently. James Bensen Review.

An outfit always seems completed with either a bag or a great pair of sunglasses. Or is it just me?

This time, instead of the bag, I took the shades. A good pair (or rather the RIGHT pair) can take a look from dab to fab in just a second.

Written By Mishka Patel

VBlast – A literal explosion in your mouth.

Say YES to zero sugar, carbs and calories


I make it clear on a daily basis that I believe in the slogan: #BeYourBest. With a rise in obesity, diabetes and heart related diseases, it caused people to become more health conscious and make better choices when it comes to their lifestyles. This includes the food and beverages they purchase. I’ve been one of those people, who’s making lifestyle and health conscious changes. 

Written By Mishka Patel

Date Night Box - Wowzers!

This month I was blown away by my latest date night box! I have been following Date Night Box on Facebook (and you REALLY should too so here’s the link: CLICK HERE ) and every time they post photos of boxes they have it always looks so ridiculously amazing, it almost looks ‘fake’- Like something you literally only find in America (or in the movies) or something way out of your price range.

Written By Mishka Patel


The word says it all. It’s SUPER!

Lately I’ve been experimenting with different kinds of coffees, beverages, sports drinks and flavoured water. I live a very health conscious and well-balanced lifestyle and I like to fill my body with what’s best and what it needs.

Now come on, truth be told, we all love starting our day with a foamy cuppachino, an espresso, a coffee or a café latte ;) Honestly, I start mine with boiled water and a few slices of lemon, religiously. But after, I like a strong cup’a Joe! How about starting your day with a delicious latte mix with superfood benefits? I say YES please and you can thank me later.

Written By Mishka Patel

Images By Adidas ZA

Explosive. Colourful. Sport. StellaSport. Adidas.

I always believed in comfort. Comfortable, yet stylish and on trend. With Adidas ZA ( @adidasza ), every single piece- whether it’s sneakers, trainers, training tights, a hoodie or a t-shirt, it is comfortable, it stands out, it’s colourful, it draws attention and it is 100% ME.  

Written By Mishka Patel

Photo Credit: Adele de Bruyn

Frozen Berries.

It sounds yummy and sure looks divine! When I came across Frozen Berries Boutique on Instagram I was pleasantly surprised at the stunning Colombian bikinis and active wear they offer. Impeccably made, stunning prints using world class quality materials it surely was one of my best buys this festive season. 

Written By Mishka Patel

Juicing - Kids Box

Everyone knows how much I enjoy my juicing. From cleansing to simply replacing a meal with a juice or smoothie, juicing is 100% part of who I am and my lifestyle by now. I believe in living a healthy, yet balanced lifestyle, and Juice Revolution made it so much easier for me to remain healthy and energised at all times!

Written By Mishka Patel

Making a house a home

Making a house a home. No, making an apartment more than a just a living ‘space.’ 

When it comes to your first apartment- how do you make an apartment a home? Or do you make it ’homey’? Which is the correct word?

Well, this was a project I loved, and it’s still an ongoing process. It’s one of those things that brings so much joy into my life. The art of decorating. And the art of decorating a space you worked so hard for. Your own little piece of heaven. 

Written By Mishka Patel

Date Night Box - A perfect date in a Box

I think I make it fairly clear that I am in a relationship, even though I am a very private person when it comes to my family and my relationship. I think only a few people know it’s been almost 5 years. So, to give you a little bit of background, I have been with Donovan through so many ‘phases’ in my life. From being a 19 year old student, to doing promotional work, to doing ‘casual’ work at clothing boutiques for extra money, to him entering me for Miss South Africa in 2014, going to my Presenter Search on 3 audition with me, up until where we are today. Such a great and supportive human if you ask me.

Written By Mishka Patel

High Tea or Home Brewed Tea?

Flowy floral dresses, high heels and oversized hats is what I am thinking when I hear the words ‘high tea’. With a demanding schedule and no time for any form of ‘down time’, never mind attending and enjoying a high tea, so I decided: Why not have the perfect, fruity tea in the comfort of my own home? And better yet, in a comfy tee and a pair of jeans? Okay, for those who enjoy dressing up, have your own little high tea at your home, and you wear your oversized hat girl.

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