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Written By Mishka Patel

The first party

In 2015 the worst thing I could possibly imagine, happened to my family. We lost our best friend, our rock, our female force, our everything. Our mom. People said ‘everything happens for a reason’, and it’s almost been two years, and I still haven’t found ‘that reason.’

My mom did not only leave me, my brother and my dad. She left her little gift behind too, her (then) four year old little baby girl. Haha, okay so on a funny note, my parents really shocked us with the news in 2010 (I was still in matric), when they said they were expecting another baby. After 27 years of marriage, they gave us a little sister, the sweetest, brown-eyed girl, Sholah.

Look, this post is not an easy one. Not a great one to write. But I also felt like it’s time…  Every time I see my baby sister, I see my mom. I see so much of my mom in myself actually, sometimes it’s scary. But oddly enough, it empowers and motivates me, because wow, was she a powerhouse of a woman. Cancer was just a tough one to beat, but boy did she put up a fight.


(By the way, her name means ‘One who is blessed’ in Yoruba, it also means ‘flame’ Arabic and ‘Energetic’ in Hebrew, but my parents chose it for the Yoruba meaning)

This was her first birthday party ever. Her first birthday party since her birth. And since she lost her mom. It was scary for me to ever think I would need to fill my mother’s shoes. Because it cannot be filled. I was 23, I still needed my mom, never mind becoming a mom in a blink of an eye. I did however take so much pride in making the minion party packs for her actual birthday celebrations at school, organising her party, and deciding what the cake should look like etc., I felt like a mom! All the  things she liked too. All the things she did for me. Wow. I can’t believe it’s been almost two years.


Along with Butter Knife PR and Bugz Playpark, I think we pulled off my sister’s first birthday party. What a success! My sister got the VIP treatment, along with all her friends and their parents.  I could not have done this without Charla at Butter Knife PR, and the lovely team at Bug Playpark, making sure every parent and every child is happy and catered for. I cannot believe this did not exist when I was a kid…

The park is specifically designed around the joy of play, with dedicated activities and areas for building the children’s muscles, problem solving and enticing wild imaginations. From colourful jungle gyms, slides, swings, play houses, tree houses, a castle and obstacles to crawl under or climb over, I felt like a kid all over again, or more honestly, wish I could go back to being 12! I mean horse riding, paddle carts, water slides to wave slides? They even have swing horses, choo choo, and worm trains!

My sister and 9 of her friends has the best time. It was my sisters first time there, experiencing all the rides, games, even a magic show and all the yummy treats, but also her first time riding a horse! My mom would have been so excited and happy to see the little smile and excitement on her tiny face.
To book your little human’s party, have a look at their website:

Call: (021) 988 8836
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Cake

Her name is Razana, and I call her the queen of cakes. She owns her own baking company called Bakelicious. Visit her website,, to have a look at previous cakes she has baked - They are amazing! She was so passionate about her cakes when I met with her to discuss the cake and cupcakes we wanted and I was blown away by her skills! (In case you were wondering, yes, my sister has a slight obsession with Minions) – I mean WOW, this cake took all the attention at the party.
Her contact details are as follows, so please call her for you cake or cupcake needs:

Razana Richards 083-273-5826
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

She posts a lot of her cakes on her instagram too - @razanarichards

Have a look at some cool images here:

Here’s a cool little video to sum up our day at the park:

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