Written By Mishka Patel 

Photos By Alfred Thorpe & GreatGrampops Photography 

25 Years Young

My birthday was two weeks ago, and I know this post is late, but I had to just take a minute to appreciate everyone I have in my life, and how absolutely incredibly special my 25th birthday was. Yes, I said my age, and no I am not ashamed of it, I was given yet another year to live, breath and create a life worth living. Another year to set new goals and to get yet another step closer to reaching my full potential. Another year… What a blessing!

13 April 2017

It was a day of exploring my now hometown, Somerset West. I moved from Stellenbosch to Somerset almost 9 months ago, and it’s been such a breath of fresh air. I love a new beginning, a clean start and a change of scenery. They say change is like a holiday, and I absolutely agree.

So, for my birthday I partnered up with the guys from Instaeats South Africa / Instaeats Cape Town again, and even though I have done quite a few #NewWeekNewSpot events with them since 2015, this one blew me out of the park. Normally we would spend 2 hours maximum at a restaurant, tasting yummy food and having a great laugh, but on my birthday, we started at 8H30 and finished at 5pm. Making every single moment of my birthday memorable.

Let’s start at the beginning.

Breakfast was at Pyjamas and Jam, such a lovely, beautiful and cozy place, a hidden gem in the Helderberg if you ask me. Since we are in a water shortage crisis, my birthday came with more blessings as I brought some rain. The fire place kept us warm and cozy as we enjoyed a huge variety of dishes and while sipping on our cappuccinos, we were blown away by all the antiques they had on display, to purchase. My birthday surely started off the right way. They even had a little surprise for me! Pyjamas and Jam is situated at 32 van Zyl Street, Gants Plaza, Somerset West.


We then moved onto a coffee tasting at the absolutely stunning Lourensford, at a little place called The Coffee Roasting Company, and it was my first coffee tasting, ever! Passionate artisan roasters of specialty grade coffees. My best friend loved this, absolute coffee lover of note. And foodie. It was such a special treat, knowing that my best friend of 17 years could take off from her Law studies, and join us for the day too, must to make it EXTRA special!


We then moved onto our lunch spot for the day, Stefanie’s Place Restaurant. Another gem in the Helderberg, situated at 113 Irene Avenue, Somerset West. With the most amazing view, a variety of dishes and desserts and a warm, an inviting, friendly environment and vibe put the cherry on the cake.  


Moving onto the fun part (for those of us who drink, which in this case is not me, haha) Waterkloof Wine Estate is probably one of the fanciest, well-lit, stunning places I have been to in my life. With the most insane views and interesting architecture. Not to mention the fine dining experience with Chef Gregory Czarnecki. This was where our day together ended, on a beautiful note. 


My evening ended off with dinner with Donovan, for sure ending the most special day the most special way. I woke up with a smile knowing I am another year wiser, and I went to bed with a full, warm heart.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, drop me a comment on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and let me know if you have ever visited the places I mentioned, or if you are planning to visit soon. I might just see you there!


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