Written By Mishka Patel 

Garreth Barclay

You’ve heard the name and so have I, I mean, we all have. From Men’s health covers, fashion editorials, fitness and sport shoots, to Miss South Africa shoots, Garreth Barclay is not only a force to be reckoned with in the photography business, but I was so pleasantly surprised by the great human being behind the camera. I have wanted to work with this guy since I can remember, always being one of those cyber stalkers, loving every single one of his photos.

So, when the opportunity finally came along to work with the one and only G, and when I introduced myself, and spoke my very first words, my bubble-gum flew out of my mouth, and both of us burst into laughter, the rest was history and this was the result:



These images were taken at Barclay Studios based in Woodstock, such a warm environment with such a fabulous team! It’s a well-lit, open space studio, and I probably won’t do it justice with my horrible description, so for a view of the studio, as well as a price list, click here:




For my shoot, I decided to go for a clean, sleek and elegant look, using natural light and simply focusing on showcasing myself and my personality with minimal makeup. Keeping it fresh!

Moving on to a new venture (I don’t know what this man CAN’T do) – he is taking over the wedding industry one storm at a time. Capturing every important moment perfectly and capturing the day every girl dreams of with a click of a button. See some of his work, as well as his price list here:



In my head, I’m already planning my next shoot with Garreth, and I sure hope you are too 😉


Instagram: garrethbarclay

Website: www.garrethbarclay.com 

Facebook: Garreth Barclay Photography


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