Written By Mishka Patel

Pasella - The Dream

It still feels surreal when I think or realise I am one of the new TV presenters on Pasella, on SABC 2.

After Presenter Search on 3, when I received the call to audition for Pasella, which is an Afrikaans lifestyle show on SABC 2, it went from simply being just another chance and platform to get closer to reaching a dream and goal, to the audition actually going very well, to making it onto TV and to an endless journey of constantly learning and growing.

I think so many people forgets how much hard work making ‘good TV’ requires, the long hours we work and sometimes doing things completely out of your comfort zone. It is so funny how everyone only see the ‘glitz and glam’ on TV, and I used to be one of them, now it is so interesting and new for me to see what happens behind the scenes and to actually be the presenter.

Talking about doing things outside your comfort zone, let me give you some examples of the things I have been up to! First of all, I have the biggest fear of heights. And for one of my inserts I had to jump from an airplane! I went sky diving! & I went Zorbing (When you are in a huge, plastic ball with water – you are inside the ball, and the ball gets pushed down a grass hill of some sorts)- So with my fear of heights and a weird fear of drowning (I think everyone has that fear), I had to face both of those fears and make it look good AND easy on TV. And even though it was unbelievably scary, I made it happen. It might not have looked as glamorous as I would have liked it too, at least I kept it real and honest. 

Besides skydiving and zorbing, I’ve had to do links from terrifying heights (but gorgeous views) and we had to eat some disturbing things in some towns, but it’s all part of the journey right? All part of learning about different towns, cultures and people.

Then again, meeting and interacting with people like Minkie Van Der Westhuyzen, Kurt Darren and Locnville (to name a few) makes it all worth it at the end. You get the opportunity to interact and learn from people you never thought you would be able to. 

Knowing how to make everyone feel comfortable, how to have conversations that’s meaningful is what counts most in my opinion.

I learned so much about myself, how far I can go and how strong willpower is. I have learned to listen instead of speak, and to let go and live a little even when it scares me.

I believe if you have a dream, nothing should stop you from making it happen. Nothing should stop you from working towards your dream. Nothing should stop you from reaching your full potential

And as cliché as this might sound, ‘if you can dream it, you definitely 100% can do it.’

But once you have what you always wanted, it is so important to remain humble, to keep on working hard and keep on pushing even further.

What’s next for me? I am already dreaming a new dream.



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