Written By Mishka Patel

Mixing it up: Fitness

So those of you who know me, know that I do a lot for my health and fitness, including boosting my health with Biogen products like Multi-vitamins, Omega 3, C-ester plus, B-Complex, Immune Booster etc. (the list is quite long, haha!) SWEAT 1000 classes, Bodytec sessions, Mia’s Training classes, running and exercising on my own capacity! I thought I’d give you all a little taster of what each is all about!

Firstly, when I first heard of “Bodytec” I had no idea what it was or how it worked. Everyone who is anyone was talking about it, and obviously it made me interested in getting to know the brand and how it worked. So first thing I did was cyber-stalk! I went onto www.bodytec.co.za and first thing that caught my eye was: “Train Smarter. Power up your workout in 20 minutes.’

Without knowing what I was going to walk into, I was sold. For the past 3 months I have been attending one session a week at Bodytec in Stellenbosch, religiously. With a schedule as hectic as mine, 20 minutes of Bodytec changed my life!



Now with SWEAT 1000 and Mia’s training, it is a lot alike and requires a bit more time (60minutes)! It’s High intensity training with loud-pumping music, hearts racing, a lot of dripping sweat and a lot of treadmill/ SPRINTING (or in Mia’s training’s case, a lot of cardio!)! After my first class at SWEAT1000 it felt like I was about to die. I could not feel my legs, I almost fainted half-way through but at the end, it felt like I conquered the world. I remember reading something on their website and telling myself I NEED to try this! And it said: 

“Let us guide you through the ultimate workout. Feel the exhilaration and invigoration all in the space of 60 minutes.” It’s the hardest 60 minutes of my life, but the rewards are endless. The rest of the quote ended like this: “We will push, we will motivate, and give you the inspiration to achieve your goals you never thought possible.” 

Those of you who know me, know I always either drive from Stellenbosch or Villiersdorp. In other words: I will spend 2-3 hours on the road, for a 60 min class of SWEAT1000- I think that should tell you enough. To have a look at what they offer and what they are all about, visit their website: www.sweat1000.com

Mia’s training either starts or ends my day well, with an endless list of classes to choose from, I always leaves me feeling relaxed and refreshed! The focus with her classes are always on all aspects of training – From speed, fitness, strength and even toning! Sometimes when I am in Stellenbosch (as I am originally born and bred in Stellenbosch and spend some time there during some weeks too), it is such a life-saver! Mia’s training is just around the corner! Classes range from boxing, HIIT, cardio and in some cases you can even attend Pilates or yoga. I stick to Mia’s training boxing and HIIT classes because those two work so well for me and I think I like it when my heart feels like it’s going to fall out of my chest! For more class options visit: www.miastraining.co.za

When I am far away shooting somewhere for Pasella or my schedule doesn’t allow a training session, I always turn to nature! I (and I always carry my jump rope and an extra kettle bell with me to do some of my own training, even if I have to do it in an hotel room!)- Plus point: I love nature, so I love going for a run with my dog or a hike when time allows me. I think nature is the best cure for any form of stress, anxiety or unhappiness. Whenever I have an ‘off’ day where I don’t feel like myself, I simply go for a run or a walk in nature, breathe in fresh air and I would feel like a million bucks again

With all of the above, I am noticeably much stronger, certain areas I have been focussing on have improved immensely, there’s a massive improvement in my endurance levels and I am MUCH fitter! 

Point is: There’s NO excuses. If you prioritise correctly, you can ALWAYS find time or find the exercise routine that can work for YOU. Remember:

‘Your health is your greatest wealth.’ – Take care of it.


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