Written By Mishka Patel

The Cleanse: Mind, Body, and soul

Have you ever felt unorganised? Bloated? Sick? Have you ever felt like you had low or NO energy levels? Struggling to do day-to-day tasks?

I’ll admit, I am human. And quite frankly, I have felt like this more than enough! That’s when I know it’s time for a cleanse. A Juice Revolution cleanse.

I did my first 7-day cleanse about a year ago. And since my first cleanse, after losing just over 4kg’s and having more energy than ever- I MADE JUCING PART OF MY EVERY-DAY LIFE. And since then, living a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle became part of my life.

I have one juice every day, as a meal replacement. Whether it’s early in the morning or as a lunch replacement- It fills me up, it gives me energy, it refreshes me and I get my fruit and veggie fix for the day! A 100% pure, cold-pressed, raw juice!

I have done the 5 day and 7 day cleanse before and looking forward to trying the 3-day cleanse this year! Every cleanse is different, with different results and different juices- but all of them WORK!

Not only have I lost weight on every cleanse, my skin looks radiant and my body FEELS great inside. I get rid of all the toxins, and fill my body with exactly what it needs for a whole week. Instead of poisoning your body with all the bad, try and FEED it with what is needs.

Don’t misunderstand me, I believe in living a balanced lifestyle, so trust me when I say I have my cheat-meals, or cheat-DAYS in some cases! It’s about finding whatever works for you.

Point is just, sometimes we feel like we need to destress, like we need to get some order in our lives and like cleansing our systems. With every juice cleanse, I do exactly that. 

With a healthy, balanced lifestyle- healthy meal choices and exercise routines, making the right choices for your life and keeping your day-to-day life in order, becomes easy.

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