Written By Mishka Patel

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A lifestyle Choice- How I lost 10kg and kept it off for 13months!


As you know, any blog post you find on my website, is all about being real, being honest and giving you a glimpse into my life. So about a year ago, December 2014, I came to a point where life seemed to be a downhill spiral. I felt lost, demotivated, and negative and I felt like I had no purpose.

I am sure you have been here. It’s only human to feel like this. Right? Here’s my reasons why:

From being a Miss South Africa Finalist, to Miss Earth South Africa Finalist, Miss Veet South Africa Runner up- To being in the top 10 for Presenter Search on 3, but simply no wins. Every time I get SO close, Every time I work so hard and put my heart and soul into every competition- yet, no wins. I knew what I have accomplished was still amazing at my age, BUT nobody enters for anything NOT to win, let’s just be honest here.

If THAT was not enough, I found out in February 2015 my mother was very ill… There were just SO many wrongs in my life, and so little ‘rights’ - I felt like giving up. So I chose to let myself go completely and I started to eat, and eat and EAT. 10 kg later and a heavier heart and ‘Butt’ than ever, I decided it is time for CHANGE! Because instead of thinking of solutions, instead of figuring out what my NEXT step is – I chose to eat, sulk and watch my dreams fade away. (It is amazing what the wrong food can do to your body and mind.)

I can’t explain what gave me the motivation, or if it was the fact that my boyfriend was the one who started running with me every morning and motivated me to be healthy again, but every single morning for the first 2 months I ran for 20min, I cut out all sugars, bread and only drank water (not sparkling) and 5 cups of green tea a day. 7 days a week.

Eventually a 20 min run became a 40min one, and I started doing things for my body it never had: A well balanced exercise routine and a healthy lifestyle. I felt GREAT. For 2 months I did things on my own, and the 3rd month I was introduced to Juice Revolution, Biogen and SWEAT1000. My body was in SHOCK. But GREAT, and MUCH-NEEDED shock! 

Every single day I started my day with a 100% Cold Pressed Juice as a meal replacement, a training session at either Sweat1000, later it became Mia’s training, Bodytec or at my gym in Stellenbosch for one whole year. 

After only 2 months I dropped 10kgs- And until this day I have kept it off. 13 months later.

With a changed lifestyle, my mind-set changed too. I ‘lost’ so many times, yet I forgot to notice how much I have grown after every competition. And BECAUSE I decided to keep on pushing, because I made the decision to change my life, I FINALLY found my purpose and my very own ‘win’. 

Living healthy and feeling energised became part of my life. Feeling great every day is a goal- As with my busy lifestyle I need to have 100% energy all the time. Even when I live on 4 hours sleep.

Being healthy and living a well-balanced life is a choice. Make yours. And make it happen.

Xxx MP xxX

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