Written By Mishka Patel

From Farm-to-table, at Roast & Co.

It’s a no-brainer - Capetonians are known for living the good life. A balanced one. A healthy one.  And hey, I’m born and raised a Cape Town girl and I believe JUST that. 

Written By Mishka Patel

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Deluxe Laser & Spa

It’s a laser hair removal spa, and they change my life at the same time.

Written By Mishka Patel 

Garreth Barclay

You’ve heard the name and so have I, I mean, we all have. From Men’s health covers, fashion editorials, fitness and sport shoots, to Miss South Africa shoots, Garreth Barclay is not only a force to be reckoned with in the photography business, but I was so pleasantly surprised by the great human being behind the camera. I have wanted to work with this guy since I can remember, always being one of those cyber stalkers, loving every single one of his photos.

Written By Mishka Patel

Forever Wellness C9 Program – Cleanse – Detox

So with this cleanse, came a whole lot of questions and today I’ll answer them all from my own, personal point of view.

Written By Mishka Patel

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Be Your Best with Biogen.

 To be my best every day is something I used to struggle with. Yes, I read motivational quotes and inspirational books, but the thing I sometimes used to struggle with is the motivation and energy it takes to ‘Be Your Best’. And then Biogen came along.

Written By Mishka Patel

What a damn weekend – 14 January 2018

They say one should always start a day with a grateful heart, so this morning my glass is not half full, it’s overflowing. As I am writing this I have so many emotions, but great ones. Ones I missed, the ones 2017 stole from me…Ones that I’d like to stay forever!

Written By Mishka Patel

Pasella - The Dream

It still feels surreal when I think or realise I am one of the new TV presenters on Pasella, on SABC 2.

After Presenter Search on 3, when I received the call to audition for Pasella, which is an Afrikaans lifestyle show on SABC 2, it went from simply being just another chance and platform to get closer to reaching a dream and goal, to the audition actually going very well, to making it onto TV and to an endless journey of constantly learning and growing.

Written By Mishka Patel

October - Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It’s one word that gives me goosebumps. And not the good kind.

It’s always been the one word that never existed in my ‘world’. It’s always been some ‘thing’ you’ll see in the movies. Until it comes knocking on your door. 

Written By Mishka Patel

Social Star with Jo-Ann Strauss

I realised I never really shared my social star journey with any of you. A life-changing experience, that happened in October in 2015, which simply started as an entry for yet another competition, ended up with me spending a week in Mauritius with Jo-Ann Strauss, Minnie Dlamini and Gareth Pon! I think this shows you: If you do not take chances and see where it can take you, you never know where you might end up!

Written By Mishka Patel

We are Urban, COME AS YOU ARE

( Breakfast menu review )

YUM-YUM in my tum-tum!Comfort yet healthy food, leaving you feeling well fed, well-nourished and happy.

Vibey. Casual. Families. Couples. Young and old. Professional or personal. Breakfast, lunch or dinner. A first date? Even so! Versatile and the one in Somerset-West is right on a golf course so while the sun is setting, you can even hit a few balls after enjoying a meal!

Written By Mishka Patel

Mixing it up: Fitness

So those of you who know me, know that I do a lot for my health and fitness, including boosting my health with Biogen products like Multi-vitamins, Omega 3, C-ester plus, B-Complex, Immune Booster etc. (the list is quite long, haha!) SWEAT 1000 classes, Bodytec sessions, Mia’s Training classes, running and exercising on my own capacity! I thought I’d give you all a little taster of what each is all about!

Written By Mishka Patel

Clean. Clear. Cleanse.

So, I have done various posts regarding juicing, why I love it, believe in it and also the various cleanses I have tried. From a three day, five day and a seven day cleanse... I have tried it. BUT, That was about a year ago. It was about time for me to refocus, refresh and rejuvenate myself again. My body begged me to do it.

Written By Mishka Patel

The Cleanse: Mind, Body, and soul

Have you ever felt unorganised? Bloated? Sick? Have you ever felt like you had low or NO energy levels? Struggling to do day-to-day tasks?

I’ll admit, I am human. And quite frankly, I have felt like this more than enough! That’s when I know it’s time for a cleanse. A Juice Revolution cleanse.

Written By Mishka Patel

The first party

In 2015 the worst thing I could possibly imagine, happened to my family. We lost our best friend, our rock, our female force, our everything. Our mom. People said ‘everything happens for a reason’, and it’s almost been two years, and I still haven’t found ‘that reason.’

Written By Mishka Patel

Photo Credit: Archer Rose Photography


A lifestyle Choice- How I lost 10kg and kept it off for 13months!


As you know, any blog post you find on my website, is all about being real, being honest and giving you a glimpse into my life. So about a year ago, December 2014, I came to a point where life seemed to be a downhill spiral. I felt lost, demotivated, and negative and I felt like I had no purpose.

Written By Mishka Patel 

Photos By Alfred Thorpe & GreatGrampops Photography 

25 Years Young

My birthday was two weeks ago, and I know this post is late, but I had to just take a minute to appreciate everyone I have in my life, and how absolutely incredibly special my 25th birthday was. Yes, I said my age, and no I am not ashamed of it, I was given yet another year to live, breath and create a life worth living. Another year to set new goals and to get yet another step closer to reaching my full potential. Another year… What a blessing!

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