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Written By Mishka Patel

Chokers and Leather.

I’ve decided to do some ‘new look’ posts. Honestly, ‘why?’ you ask? It’s no secret, but I absolutely love fashion and dressing up, or rather, dressing the way I feel. And today, I feel rather sexy.

My summer looks have been very bright, full of florals and fun. Well, don’t get me wrong, during a summers day I like feeling pretty, but at night, I like to play.

An easy way to spice up any wardrobe (in my opinion) is to add some lace or leather, a sexy pair of heels and show some collar bone. I love the off-shoulder look!

I am in love with this this Burgundy Leatherette skirt and the Brandy Bardot Ribbed Crop Top, both from Brett Robson! 

These chokers from Brett Robson I particularly love for its uniqueness- one is fully lace and one has a  gold circle detail. Both different, both an essential in any wardrobe. Even though chokers only resurfaced this summer, I believe it will keep on trending and staying that way for the next couple of seasons. 


Last tip: Always keep your heels KILLER – these babies are from Dolce Vita (

Brett Robson: 


Instagram: Shopbrettrobson

Twitter: @brettrobson

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