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Written By Mishka Patel

Photo Credit: Adele De Bruyn Photography 

Fierce, Flowy and Fabulous

What's your definition of 'Fashionable'?
To me, fashion is like art. It's a form of expression. I choose everything I wear carefully and I always dress the way I feel. I choose my colours, style and 'fashion vibe' for the day purely based on what side of the bed I got out on. And when you see me in sweats and a bun on my head, just know it was the wrong side. Haha, come on, we all have our off days.

Today, I got out on the right side and I am experimenting with a new style - Question is, when it comes to skirts and even dresses, how short is too short and how long is too long? Why not something right in the middle? Literally. Random question, but it's just a thought from a 1.82m tall girl.
Lately I have been feeling extremely fashionable and fabulous in my new style I have been trying: SKIRTS! When I wear them, for obvious reasons, I feel free and confident. I don't wear mini skirts, and I am not talking about pencil skirts either. I am talking about these:


It's become a trend too, I see so many celebrities dressing them up or down and taking a look from day to night, with a skirt!
I found 3 simple pairs, with pockets (such an important detail for me when it comes to skirts, I mean my lip-gloss needs a little home for the day) and it suits my very tall body perfectly, it even gives a little bit of shape right where I need it!

 Bahari Skirt - R 300,00

  Geometric Jane - R 300,00

 Lambda Lucy - R 300,00

These little gems are from Dear Makena Apparel. A local brand celebrating and representing Africa, and meaning 'Happy One' in Swahili. A trendy and versatile garment, a proudly South African skirt made 100% from  cotton. A little gem based in Durban. You can find them on as well. Very affordable, very fashionable, comfortable and fabulous. That's enough to keep me smiling every day – Last thought: Life is too short for boring skirts ;)

Contact Dear Makena Apparel:
Instagram: @dearmakenaapparel
Facebook: Dear Makena Apparel
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