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Written By Mishka Patel

Photo Credit: Adele De Bruyn Photography 

The Lisa King Collection


The one word that can get any girl excited. The one thing any girl can spend a whole pay check on (and that’s NOT necessarily a good thing FYI, but if you CAN, why not right? haha). At LEAST make sure you made a GOOD buy. And that’s exactly what I got when buying at The Lisa King Collection. I have ‘No ragrets.’ ;) Jokes, I still find that movie ridiculously funny. 

Anyway, back to the important stuff: SHOES.

This winter I was looking for 2 things. Comfortable black, ankle boots that’s easy to take from day to night. And for a change, I decided to move away from the typical nude leather
boots, and I started scouting for a taupe, flat boot that can go with any day-wear outfit on rainy days or the colder days. I wish I was exaggerating when saying I looked for 2 months. I am talking about going to probably 7 different stores, and NO luck. Yes, I saw some nice boots here and there, but never THE ones I l 100% LOVE. So, how did it happen? Social media! It directed me in the direction of The Lisa King Collection, and oh my word, did I find EXACTLY what I was looking for, WITH a twist.

What a cute little hidden gem, in Green Point, Cape Town. First of all, the Lisa King Gallery based in the Old Cape Quarter, looked like an art gallery when I walked in. And it is! It has absolutely gorgeous art pieces and shoes! Two things that make my heart smile. 

So back to my 2 perfect winter buys: A plain boot can be very boring and another struggle I’ve been having is comfort. Besides all of that, any shoe should still be comfortable. Yes, some shoes are worth suffering for, we all know the saying: ‘Suffer for Beauty’, but the RIGHT shoes will fit AND feel perfect. My new, black ankle boots has a twist because of a gold chain around the ankles- Gold is 100% my preference, I feel silver washes me out a little (It can be all in my mind, but it’s just my personal preference). So, not only are they comfortable to wear- the gold chains make it so easy to dress up or down! So what makes the taupe boots amazing? Using the words ‘taupe’ and ‘tassels’ in the same sentence should say enough. Exactly. TASSELS are my thing this winter!

I think once you find a gem, you are either too afraid to share it because then everyone will have a piece of it-  Well, I grew up with an older brother and I am used to sharing- and when it comes to shoes and my girls, I want them to feel what I feel when I wear these babies. So this blog goes out to all of my ladies! I found a gem, share it with me and find your perfect fit at The Lisa King Collection.

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