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Written By Mishka Patel

Photo Credit: Adele De Bruyn Photography 

Adidas Training Never Done.


Being back in my fitness and health routine, after taking about a 2 month break due to too much work AND moving into a new apartment, I have to say, wearing my new adidas kit makes it all worth it. The one thing that makes working out better and more fun, is looking great and feeling comfortable while doing it.

I have to say, with places like S.W.E.A.T. 1000, going to my normal gym on the estate where I live and even when going for a 5km-10km run, requires comfortable training wear. I have always had a struggle when it comes to finding the perfect fit due to my length (1.82m) or a lot of tights won’t stay ‘up’ while running. The struggle is always real. 

The adidas range I love right now is the HITT Weightlifting Training range- I do train quite intensely when attending S.W.E.A.T. 1000 classes or even when I train alone and do weights- This is where I always struggle with the perfect tights, that won’t slide down while running or while doing intense training. The HIIT weightlifting training range includes the ultimate tights: A high compression garment with a lightweight bonded waistband to give a soft, stay-put and better airflow. HELLELUJAH! 

Of course I love colourful tops and comfortable tee’s. When it comes to my training gear I love to play with colour and style, BUT comfort is always key when it comes to training- Sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect fit, especially when it comes to HIIT training. I always need to pull my tee’s down when weightlifting or I am always scared it rips due to the heavy weights. The ASS TO GRASS short and Free Lift Tees are incredible! The smooth and durable fabric- Both designed for optimal comfort during the full range of weightlifting movements! Another HELLELUJAH!

Now, for my favourite item: The Raceback bra. I used to struggle with sport bra’s too tight around my shoulders or too tight around my underarms, and this bra is ultra-breathable, light and not to mention comfortable and sexy! It even has adjustable side closures and a sexy power mesh back for maximum ventilation!

This is a range designed for SPEED, POWER and MOBILITY! And I end off by saying: HELLELUJAH!

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