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I have always been skeptical about anything permanent. Or anything regarding getting ink onto your body. What if you regret it? Okay, so if you have the money, laser is an option. But what if you don’t? Eeeeek! 

My eyebrows have always been of utmost importance in my life. Don’t you agree it shapes ones face? Sharpen features? And mine failed me. Here’s some examples:


So, THAT’s why I started considering microblading, because let’s face it, creating the perfect brows with makeup takes a whole lot of time.

So, let’s get down to it:


Microblading is?

About the TREATMENT:

Phibrows / microbladed brows is a technique of semi-permanent drawing of eyebrows with hyper-realistic results.

The shape of eyebrows is calculated only according to the morphology of the face and the golden mean, the number φ (1,618).


The color is determined only according to the natural color of the hairs in the eyebrows and the hair.


How long does it last: 3-5years. Yearly color refreshers can be done to make them last indefinitely.

Done with medical grade EU registered pigments.

150 colors and designs are available.

Painless application.

Healing takes 3-5 days.

No touch up needed

Yearly color refreshers can be done 

What to expect after permanent make up procedure:

Day 1-3:

Color will appear much darker and more intense due to scab formation. 

Pigment molecules are planted in the 7th layer of the skin. It takes a week per layer to rejuvenate and push the molecules to the surface, thus it will take 6-7 weeks for all the molecules to reach the surface skin.

Day 3-7:

Scabs will detach and pigment will seem to have vanished in some areas. Do not be concerned as the pigment is just hidden in the lower layers of the skin. Every week it will darken and appear less patchy.

Its normal to have hair strokes with no color, they WILL reappear. Areas will appear pinkish in color and patchy.

Day 7-14:

Color will be at its lightest but is now in development stage.

Day 14-onwards:

You will notice pigment surfacing unevenly every week up to week 6-8 after application.

After 5 weeks:

If there are still areas with pigment missing, a touch up can be booked to replace areas that might have pulled out with the scabs.

If you are happy with the color and the look then no touch up is required. Touch ups will make it darker and more solid.

Brows: yearly color refreshers are recommended to make them last indefinitely. 


I have heard of Blush Cape Town from various friends and of course, social media. Nicol not only knows what she’s doing, but she’s such a wonderful woman, with so much drive and passion. I felt relaxed and comfortable during the procedure, and I knew EXACTLY what to expect during and after the treatment.


And now? Now I am confident enough to go without makeup. 

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