Written By Mishka Patel

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Taking care of your skin = Taking care of YOU.

Being in the industry, I have realised how stressful my work schedule can really become. Every day consists of long hours, little sleep, a lot of sun, heat, sweat OR very cold temperatures and rainy weather - AND shooting outdoors for hours – All of these factors can cause a lot of skin damage.

I have learned this the hard way.  My mother always taught me the importance of taking care of your skin and yourself. And the one thing she left with me is:

‘A lady’s hands and skin says a lot about how she takes care of herself.’ Being a 24-year old lady today, I have to agree with her.

Because of my mom’s influence, I started taking care of my hair, skin and hands at a very young age and any way I possibly can. I always stayed away from the sun and made sure I use the correct products for my skin type. Avoiding the sun has become harder, due to the various locations and times I shoot on Pasella, – BUT luckily for me, the one place I love to go to, to release some stress and give my skin some time to breathe, is The Skin Sanctuary based in Welgevonden, Stellenbosch. The only place I’ll go to rejuvenate my skin.

The environment as you walk in is refreshing & relaxing as a friendly face greets you at the door - You hear quiet music in the background as you make yourself comfortable and while you have your treatments done, you finally have time to collect your thoughts, and breathe. I can’t recall one single time I have been there, where I have not fallen asleep due to how relaxed I was. It’s like heaven! 

I make a point of it to go for a relaxing treatment once a month, as it is so important to take care of your mind, body and soul. The Sanctuary became my little run-away spot where I can switch off for a couple of hours and simply focus on me, myself and I.


My favourite treatments every month is:

1. Fully body TheraVine™ Scrub

2. TheraVine™ Body Wrap

3. TheraVine™ Facial

4. Full pedicure 

5. Lip and brow wax

6. Full Body Massage


I started loving the TheraVine™ products in the salon so much, that I decided to use the products at home too. About two weeks ago I started using the MelanoVine™  Range. All of you will think I am exaggerating or that I am getting paid to say this, but I promise you, this is all truth. My skin has improved so much already, I am excited to see and share the results after a month or two.

TheraVine™  fuses super anti-oxidants derived from grape cultivars with cutting edge active ingredients at highest percentages resulting in specially crafted, extrasensory products that will exceed your expectations in a health and skincare range. The MelanoVine™ Range is ‘the scientific approach to even skin tone’.

The MelanoVine™ range combines cutting edge, technologically advanced active ingredients to combat and minimize hyperpigmentation, enhance radiance and even tone while reducing the signs of ageing through fighting free radical damage.  With its ability to target the root of the problem and deliver results in an intensity comparable to some non-cosmetic procedures, this active is considered light years ahead of its time. 

I was sold when I read this: ‘Because beauty goes beyond the radiance of your skin and body, we promise to continue our passion of transforming nature’s hidden treasures into scientific excellence.’

Having issues with pigmentation and an uneven skin tone, I was and still am unbelievably excited to start my journey with MelanoVine™. To correct, restore and protect my skin, I use the following:

1. The Brightening Milk Cleanser 

It gently cleanses, brightens and purifies the skin while removing make-up and oil.

2. Brightening Conditioner 

It gently deep cleanses the pores while leaving the skin looking illuminated and more radiant.

3. Solution + Concentrate 

An intensive treatment complex which leaves the skin looking brightened and more radiant. It’s especially formulated for skin struggling with brown spots, uneven skin tone and a dull complexion. I use this mornings and evenings. 

4. Brightening C+ Day Protection

A silky textured day cream, which leaves your skin looking visibly younger and glowing with illumination plus it contains an SPF25 which is a bonus?

5. Recovery + Night Cream

Velvety in texture, the night cream performs a dual action treatment containing actives to help rejuvenate ageing skin while reducing advanced stages of uneven skin tones, a dull complexion or brown spots.

6. Extra or once a week, I use the Pinotage Exfoliating Enzyme, it gently detaches dead skin cell debris and promotes skin renewal – I also use the VitaVine™ Booster Face Mask, an anti-oxidant rich vitamin cocktail, ultimately designed to promote improved skin elasticity and renew energy and vitality in the skin. After travelling or when my skin needs some love, I use the Hydrating Mango Face Balm. It’s a velvety textured balm, mostly used at night to intensely hydrate, protect and improve skin suppleness, revealing a more relaxed and healthier looking skin.

7. For my eyes I use the Ultimate Eye Make-Up Remover, The Timecare Eye Cream and the Anti-Wrinkle eye serum.  Once a week I’ll use the UltraVine™ Advanced Contouring Retinol Eye pads to give my tired eyes a little bit of TLC.


The most exciting part of the TheraVine™ product range is the following;

1. It does not contain harmful alcohols

2. It does not contain harmful perfumes or fragrances

3. It does not contain artificial colorants

4. It does not contain harmful petrochemicals or mineral oils

5. It’s not tested on animals

6. AND it’s Affordable

Start today and take care of your skin, your body and your soul.

‘You can’t take care of others if you can’t take care of yourself.’– Mary Mazzer



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