Written By Mishka Patel

Photo Credit: Adele De Bruyn Photography 

Beauty and the Blender

‘Wet, Squeeze, Bounce.’ That’s the beauty blender mantra. 

I only recently learned how to apply my makeup the correct way. You know, all of us see the tutorials on YouTube and all the makeup fails trending on social media. So, I started experimenting, trying new products and even learned how to contour and learned how to highlight the cheekbones. After many fails and almost looking like a clown, I think finally found the perfect makeup brand that works for me, my skin colour and skin type. MUD Make-up Designory foundation changed my life. 

Find some of my favourite MUD products here: (www.mudsa.co.za)


After finding the perfect foundation, I struggled with applying it easily to my face and still make the texture of my skin look smooth and not like I am wearing any foundation. Sometimes, on a bad skin day, you can actually see when someone has a few layers of foundation on their skin. I’ll admit, I have been there and I struggled with ‘blending’. Oh HELLO Beauty Blender. And not just any beauty blender, it’s the original, limited edition BeautyBlender Pure.

How does it work? EASY! It’s important to note that if you use the blender when it’s dry and small, it won’t give you the results you want. It needs to be wet (put it in a glass of water until it expands about double it’s original size), squeeze out the excess water and then bounce the product in your foundation, and onto your face!

Results? You almost look airbrushed. Seamless. A smooth and natural finish. After my first time using the blender, I said ‘GOODBYE’ to my foundation brush and ‘HELLO’ to my new, flawless finish. 

Just some extra information, wash your blender with liquid or a bar of soap after using it, but staining is 100% normal. It doesn’t mean your blender is dirty- Makeup pigments do stain, so do not freak out like I did at first, haha. We all learn new things everyday right?

Get your flawless finish, and mix your beauty with a blender here:


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