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So, I have written blog posts about what I do to take care of my hair and making sure it’s always ‘camera-ready’. Link to blog: http://www.mishkapatel.co.za/mishka-patel-blog/175-mishka-patel-silky-hair-because-i-care.html

Now I have Easihair pro extensions, and my Moroccan Oil shampoos and conditioners no longer apply. Easy tape ‘slippage’ (those of you who have tape-in hair extensions will know the struggles we have. But oh, what we will endure for fabulous hair!) has become such a problem! Due to the ‘oil’ in certain products, I can no longer use it. And trust me, I loved my Moroccan oil products!

Milkshake however has changed my life! It still gives the moisture I need, still gives the shine- but no slippage due to it being sulfate free! It not only works well with my extensions, but a few of my friends are using Milkshake too and they are only talking about insane results! From damaged, brittle or dry hair to silky, smooth and shiny hair. Milkshake is for sure the way to go! I have been using it for only a month, and I am already seeing incredible results!



I have always been a GHD girl. I can’t LIVE without my hair straightener! Especially with a schedule as crazy as mine, and always being in front of a camera, I think a good quality straightener has always been priority! Now I have had my GHD for almost 4 years with no problems- which made me worry! I started wondering what will happen if it breaks or stops working, and I can see the end for my baby is quite near. So I started wondering if I should perhaps try something else or invest in another form of flat iron.

Then magically, BHE came along- ‘Beautiful Hair Everyday’ is what every girl wants! GHD or BHE? My opinion: It makes my hair look and feel silky smooth, with kera therapy protein infused plates, assisting with smoothing the cuticles and heal the hair, and advanced temperature control, without exaggerating, it even feels smoother than it did when I used my GHD. It makes the same subtle curls as my previous GHD, (as everyone knows I love a subtle wave in my hair) and it gives a sleek, shiny finish - I simply love the flat iron! So the answer: For Beautiful Hair Every day, choose BHE.

Have a look at their irons and prices here: www.bhehair.co.za




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