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Makeup and Hair: Merlize

Silky Hair, Because I Care

So, this far my blog posts have been about my 10kg weight loss journey, taking care of yourself by cleansing your mind, body and soul and how to have gorgeous skin

Automatically my next subject should be around hair right? Here’s how I maintain 20 inch Easihair Pro extensions and a crazy schedule!

I think the craziest part of my schedule is knowing that I have to wash my hair every day. Due to my training schedule, it’s a must. Nobody ever looked good on camera with greasy, sweaty and oily hair.

So these are my tips and tricks:

Number one: Choose the correct Salon! I love Spoilt Hair and Nails, based in Greenpoint. Now those of you who know me, know I live all the way in either Stellenbosch or Villiersdorp, and I am willing to drive an hour to an hour and a half for this Salon- THAT’s how amazing they are.

Number two: I believe in getting a proper hair treatment once a month. (I prefer moisturising treatments to get my hair healthy and shiny again) 

Number three: I go for regular trims (to get rid of the split ends)- I normally get the trim with the treatment. Yes, even with extensions.


I wash my hair with good hair products: As of now, I use Joico Shampoo, that works well with my extensions, other shampoo’s make’s my extensions ‘slip’- I use the Joico Smooth cure shampoo, sulfate-free, thus working well with my extensions! I am currently thinking of trying a new product on the market, Milshake! And Spoilt Hair and Nails recommend it too. So worth a try? I think ‘if not, why not.’

Now the fun part: My extensions I get re-taped every 6-8 weeks, and I take care of them by working very gently with my hair, but also treating it like normal / my own. My Easihair Pro extensions are amazing. 100% human hair, and it completely looks and feels like my own. It’s so easy manageable and it makes getting ready every day such a treat, because it is fun to style your hair for an event!


I use these products once a week for my extensions:

Easihair pro shampoo and conditioner: Its paraben free and it has a colour guard. It protects against slippage while maximizing the performance of hair type as it cleans, restoring natural shine, movement and overall manageability.

Think the best part about having my extensions and taking care of my hair is how it makes me feel when I see myself in the mirror. Before – my hair felt like a ‘task’ or just another thing on my to-do list- Now it feels like so much fun to style it.

I absolutely 100% fell in love with my hair.

‘Because when you look good, you feel good and when you feel good, you do good.’


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