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All things Beauty.

My beauty secrets in a nutshell

Ask, and you shall receive.

After getting a whole bunch of DM’s with regards to my beauty routines and regimes, I thought I’d dot it all down for you guys, plain and simple, and detailed! I’ll be honest.

Written By Mishka Patel


Blush Cape Town

I have always been skeptical about anything permanent. Or anything regarding getting ink onto your body. What if you regret it? Okay, so if you have the money, laser is an option. But what if you don’t? Eeeeek! 

Written By Mishka Patel

My Personal product choices


So, I have written blog posts about what I do to take care of my hair and making sure it’s always ‘camera-ready’. Link to blog:

Written By Mishka Patel

Photo Credit: Adele De Bruyn Photography 

Taking care of your skin = Taking care of YOU.

Being in the industry, I have realised how stressful my work schedule can really become. Every day consists of long hours, little sleep, a lot of sun, heat, sweat OR very cold temperatures and rainy weather - AND shooting outdoors for hours – All of these factors can cause a lot of skin damage.

Written By Mishka Patel

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Makeup and Hair: Merlize

Silky Hair, Because I Care

So, this far my blog posts have been about my 10kg weight loss journey, taking care of yourself by cleansing your mind, body and soul and how to have gorgeous skin

Automatically my next subject should be around hair right? Here’s how I maintain 20 inch Easihair Pro extensions and a crazy schedule!

Written By Mishka Patel

Photo Credit: Adele De Bruyn Photography 

Beauty and the Blender

‘Wet, Squeeze, Bounce.’ That’s the beauty blender mantra. 

I only recently learned how to apply my makeup the correct way. You know, all of us see the tutorials on YouTube and all the makeup fails trending on social media. So, I started experimenting, trying new products and even learned how to contour and learned how to highlight the cheekbones. After many fails and almost looking like a clown, I think finally found the perfect makeup brand that works for me, my skin colour and skin type. MUD Make-up Designory foundation changed my life. 

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