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Written By Mishka Patel

Photo Credit: Samantha Clifton 


 So I have introduced ‘SportsLuxe’ into my life recently, mixing a sporty-gym yet effortlessly stylish look because it’s just a bit too much running around town from meeting to meeting in my very high heels, every day. Balance is key, and I think my fashion sense and style has evolved. So, my sneakers are my favourite next best thing and I have quite the collection.

Even though I am all about my SportsLuxe looks, the biggest pet peeve I have right now is a dirty pair of sneakers. There are certain things that can make or break a look or an outfit, and a dirty pair of sneakers can  definitely destroy a look. I checked out Donovan’s shoes and sneakers about a week ago too, and I was shocked at what I found. His whole shoe collection needed a makeover if you ask me. Still new shoes, but it’s like he went to a war that I had no clue about. But hallelujah, the heavens felt my fashion pain, and then this fell onto my lap, well, technically it came to my doorstep.


SneakerLab recently launched an innovative premium shoe care technology designed to keep your shoes fresher for longer. It’s a non-soap based sneaker cleanser solution, water based and a 100% biodegradable. It’s designed to protect and take care of your shoes, long after use.

I decided to put it to the test, and boy of boy, was I impressed.

There are a few simple steps to follow: 

1. Use the premium brush to brush off any hard dirt 

2. Use the Sneaker cleaner spray all over your sneaker, especially where the dirt or stains are very visible 

3. Use the brush again, to brush the sneaker (basically washing the sneaker) - You can also add water

4. Use a cloth to wipe the sneaker, and for that extra touch of ‘wow’, use a sneaker wipe to wipe down the sneaker

5. Now, it’s time to dry

6. Lastly, add some Sneaker protector & sneaker odor protector spray to keep them fresher for longer

And voilà!


Price list:

Premium kit: R249.00

Sneaker Wipes: R99.00

Sneaker cleaner: R79.00

Sneaker Protector: R79.00



If you want to get your hands on everything I used above, here’s your chance:

1. Follow Mishka.Patel and SneakerLab on Instagram

2. Upload a photo of your favourite pair of sneakers and tag myself and sneakerlab in the photo

3. Tell us why you should be the one to win by using the hashtag #SneakerLabMishka


Winner must be based in Cape Town 

Winner must be able to collect their prize in Somerset West within 7 days of winner announcement 

Winner will be announced 27 March

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